Saving the ocean, one splash at a time

My name is Suzanne. There has been one constant in my life: the calling of the ocean. In, at or near the sea I’m the best version of myself. I freedive into the deep, hitchsail across oceans, and play around with my kitesurf shizzle. The ocean brings adventure, play, and life. But life is going down in the ocean. I feel more responsible and motivated than ever to turn the tide. Now is the time. Welcome to the virtual ocean of my adventure, conservation and entrepreneurial life. With love from the ocean, Suzanne 

“Our actions over the next 10 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years.” – Sylvia Earle

The time for ACTION is NOW!

Splashing projects

Footage (Video & Photo)

Do you need ocean footage? Sailing, Kitesurf, Freedive, Plastic, Islands, action or a [...]

Public Speaker & Lecturer

I'm happy to come and share a story based on 10 years of [...]

Adventure Travel Consultancy

 I love to help those out there seeking and planning their next adventure. [...]

Sailing blog

How to get into sailing if you don't have experience or a budget? [...]

Adventure Travelblog is my travelblog on Eco & Adventure Travel. I have been slow travelling [...]

Hitch-Sailing Book

How to Hitch-Sail the Atlantic Ocean? A complete guide to ocean adventure, -crewing, [...]


Dancing with mantarays, swimming with dolphins or just chilling at the bottom of [...]

The insPirates: Sailing expeditions for change

InsPirate in crime, Roline Prummel, and I bring together bold, courageous, game-changing entrepreneurial adventure people [...]

Coastal & Island destination sustainable tourism consultancy

I’m fascinated by Islands destinations. I’ve explored many, as a slow traveller, tourism [...]

Research & knowledge

We still know so little about the ocean. As a DIY oceanographer I [...]

Ocean Ambassador & Influencer

With my sailing and freedive explorations I'm on the forefront seeing the beauty [...]