Catch a Sailboat Ride across the Ocean | Press Release

Catch a sailboat ride across the Ocean
Jump on board and make…
October 11, 2017/by Suzanne

How to minimise your waste footprint when sailing the ocean? Part 1.

The discussion comes up on every boat setting sail for the ocean.…
October 9, 2017/by Suzanne

Ocean Nomad Pontoon party & Vanishing Sail Film Screening

Last weekend of October the official book launch of book OCEAN…
October 1, 2017/by Suzanne

Ocean friendly gift ideas for positive impact

Just a quick message before the festivities :
Gift FOR the…
September 20, 2017/by Suzanne

Job Opportunity FIRST MATE Ocean Adventure Travel & Conservation Media Assistant

July 28, 2017/by Suzanne
Backpacking in the Caribbean

10 Tips to travel the Caribbean local & budget style

The image you have in mind from the Caribbean gets beyond confirmed…
March 9, 2017/by Suzanne

Becoming a wilderness women: Off the grid eco camp in Dominica

I’m sitting in the shade of a palm tree. In the far distance,…
January 18, 2017/by Suzanne
Hitch-sailing in Langkawi Malaysia

A typical day of hitch-sailing: fun + making a difference

HitchSailing: spontaneous crewing on a strangers’ sailboat.
December 24, 2016/by Suzanne

Travel packing for the planet: What’s in my eco friendly travel kit?

You want to travel light, compact and purposeful. But that’s…
December 23, 2016/by Suzanne

Sailing across the Strait of Gibraltar – into the Atlantic Ocean

SV Eau Too - October 17, 2016. I’m 8 days at sea now.
October 30, 2016/by Suzanne

Sailing in Greece: island-hopping the adventurous way

Looking to go sailing in Greece? Great choice! Here's how to…
October 7, 2016/by Suzanne

Is it safe to travel to Turkey? A happy note from the sunny seaside

A happy message from the sunny seaside in Turkey. Because its…
July 17, 2016/by Suzanne

Travelling? 70 eco travel tips for a better planet

Are you amongst the fortunate few to be able to travel? Lucky…
March 26, 2016/by Suzanne
sailing in south east asia

Catching a Sailboat Ride in South East Asia

On to plan B: find a sailing boat in South East Asia with whom…
December 25, 2015/by Suzanne