Sailing back into Europe: The Strait of Gib!

A lighthouse. Beeping phones. Airplane stripes. Fishing boats.…
July 1, 2015/by Suzanne
hitchhikers guide to the Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean Crossing part 2: Caribbean to Europe!

I’m back on the Atlantic Ocean. Again. Back to blue, breathing…
May 4, 2015/by Suzanne
Freediving in the Caribbean

Bonaire: a (free)divers paradise in the Caribbean

Even the license plates in Bonaire say ‘divers paradise’.…
April 8, 2015/by Suzanne

Kitesurfing in Cape Verde – Sao Vicente it is!

A long stretched empty white beach, a stunning mountain back…
January 27, 2015/by Suzanne

Day 6. Sailing Canary Islands – Cape Verde

S/V Sea Ya - 20 Januari 2015. Somewhere along the West African…
January 26, 2015/by Suzanne

El Medano Tenerife: a kitesurf & adventure travel guide

Southern Tenerife seems for many adventure seekers a 'no-go'…
January 4, 2015/by Suzanne

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Atlantic Ocean | Ocean Nomad

No boat, no much budget and no real sailing experience but…
November 30, 2014/by Suzanne

PURE adventure: Discovering freediving!

Do you remember as kid it was super cool to cross the swimming…
August 24, 2014/by Suzanne

Adventure & Kitesurf Travel Guide of Tarifa | Spain

Thinking Tarifa for an active holiday or long term stay? Great…
July 14, 2014/by Suzanne
sailing in south east asia

Camping in Komodo National Park, Flores | Indonesia

Have you ever... snorkelled around an island? woke up with nothing…
March 9, 2014/by Suzanne

What is slow travel? And how you could! Part 2

How to slow travel if you have only 20 days off per year? It’s…
February 13, 2014/by Suzanne

What is slow travel? And why you should! Part 1

Temple, check! Pretty beach, check! Museum, check! Volcano, check!…
February 5, 2014/by Suzanne

The Difference YOU make by spending local: 7 reasons

'Buenos Dias Guapa!', Señor Pepe says while watching the TV from…
January 16, 2014/by Suzanne

Malo e lelei: a Special welcome in Tonga Paradise

Tonga, a dot in the Pacific Ocean
A remote paradise destination,…
December 15, 2013/by Suzanne