Building a Green Wooden Carriacou Sailling Sloop

Earlier this year I fell in love. When exploring the Tobago Cays with my mermaid fins I saw a blue wooden sailing boat. She was so beautiful so I swam up to her. I made a little chat with the owner and learned her name was Beauty. After seeing the movie Vanishing Sails at the Grenada Sailing Week and learned more about these beautiful sloops, I was determined. I set up basecamp in Windward Carriacou, where the boats are being built,  So I went. I ended up staying two months. Later, I was lucky enough to sail up one of the beauties for the West Indies Regatta in St. Barts where Carriacou sloops are united for a weekend of fun, adventure, and replicating the trading past. Pure Bliss. We must make sure these boats with souls won’t vanish. To keep traditional alive. And dreams alive.

How? By building one! Are you in?

Building a green Carriacou Sailing Boat

The dream is to build a wooden Carriacou sailing sloop. We must. To make sure these beautiful skills won’t get lost!

I envision a sloop as sustainable and green as possible, with also bringing in some new knowledge and technology for the greatest positive impact for the ocean and the world.

A Movement

That’s the start. I envision this sloop to be part of something way bigger than ‘just’ one boat. It’ll be part of movement of reviving the old ways of trading, community living, and being in nature. Together. And do what we can to make a difference for a healthier ocean!

Dreams are meant to be pursued. The first wood has been secured! It will happen! Take part!

Jump on Board!

No way I can or want to do this alone. I’m looking for people and parties that like to join the movement. Contact me and join the Ocean Nomad Community as a start.

Watch the trailer of Vanishing Sail to learn what it’s all about!

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