Catch a sailboat ride & make a difference!

“This ambitious guide book is the spark that will ignite your sense of adventure and provoke your compassion to creating a better world.”

Monique Mills (Captain & Ocean Citizen)

“An inspiration and fantastic guide on hitch sailing and ocean preservation. It should be on every yacht out there at sea.”

Steve GreenYacht Master Instructor and Ocean Master

“A must read for everyone who loves the ocean. Suus hands you the guidelines for sailing adventures and she clears the path for all your ‘but what ifs’ and the ‘yes buts’….. Yes, the book is about hitch-sailing and loving the ocean, but most of all she encourages you to take the step to pursue the dream instead of postponing it. So read the book, explore what works for you and create your own adventure!”

Lonneke RentinckAspiring sailor

“I was absolutely amazed: is it really possible to cross an ocean if you don’t have sailing experience!? Inspired by Suzanne’s adventures and her very well provided details and information on the subject, I felt totally ready to throw off the bowlines myself. And I did!”

Janneke DijkhuisOcean Hitch-Sailor