Project-based Voluntary Positions

Wanted: Party-Team members for Book Launch OCEAN NOMAD

Ready to make impact? I’m looking for enthusiastic people eager to voluntary support the launch of Book Ocean Nomad. The mission: Help more people go on a happy, safe and meaningful ocean adventure. As a mate, you’ll play a vital part in the support network to bring book Ocean Nomad to the world.

The investment: Reading and reviewing my book + 1 hour or more per week in the month of August, optionally September with promotion support.

The bonus:

  • Be part of this momentum!
  • A free and advanced digital copy of Ocean Nomad
  • Learn about book launch marketing by participating in this party

I’ll create a Facebook group where all the book launch communication and updates take place. I’ll guide this process with promo suggestions and weekly tasks. It’s going the be fun! I’m looking forward to welcome you in my launch team!

Co-Captain Book Launch OCEAN NOMAD

I’m looking for a second in command that can help me prepare and manage the book launch, and mostly the book launch team.

The challenge

  • You’ll help to navigate the ‘Ocean Nomad’ ship through the book launch
  • Support with Marketing and Distribution tasks (Incl. research, book submissions)
  • Help moderating and communicating with the Launch Team group (facebook group)
  • Support with answering questions to launch team members in the facebook group


  • Available the month of August/early Sept with connection to WiFi.
  • Happy to dedicate their time and energy to this project (+/- 10 hours per week)
  • Ideally, you have experience of being a part of a launch team for book promotion
  • If you have navigated through the book publishing process yourself, bonus points!

The Rewards

  • You’ll be the first (After mum!) to receive a Digital version of the Ebook
  • You’ll receive a signed print copy
  • An invitation for the launch party on board of Grace, a 85 ft Danish Cutter in Lanzarote (October 2017)
  • Soon you can say ‘hey I helped that book become a bestseller’ 😉
  • This position is not compensated in money but in huge appreciation and a fun ride!

Logo Designer

Creative wanted!
I’m looking for a cool logo reflecting theOceanpreneur brand.

Final Proofreader Book Ocean Nomad

Ocean Nomad

URGENT! I’m looking for someone that can scroll through my final book manuscript (Ocean Nomad) and discover any inaccuracies in formatting, typo’s, dots, bullets lists, dead links. It yet has been edited 7 times. It’s 115.000 words.
Compensation: You’ll be the first to read the book and as a thank you’ll receive a digital copy, a reference if you want & an invite to the launch party. Note: this position is not compensated in money. Contact me.


FIRST MATE – Ocean Adventure Travel & Conservation Media Assistant

I’m looking for a first mate to help me grow to better assist the dreamers, do-ers and adventureseekers for ocean adventure travel and contribution to ocean conservation. This is an ideal position for someone looking to learn about the digital nomad lifestyle and make a difference. I make splashes but to really make an impact it’s time to create waves! I need more hands on deck to implement the ideas. You’ll make a significant contribution to my ocean conservation mission and social business. Are you up for a challenge?

Video Editor | Ocean Nomad TV

I’m looking for a video editor to produce short episodes of my boat-hitchhike expeditions to be published as a monthly sequence on OceanNomadTV. Super epic content, a combo of sailing, freediving and ocean conservation, is sitting on my harddisk and needs to be brought to the world. This is my Intro video which is the style I’m looking for. Amateurs welcome.

Pinterest VA

I’m looking for a someone happy to organize, manage and build my Pinterest account. Please apply with some examples of pins you created, and boards you may have managed. Open to newbies. Monthly package rate only.

Are you up for a challenge?

Contact me with ‘hands on deck’ in the email subject. I’d love to hear from you (in which ever way you like to express yourself: photo, video, or writing):

  • Why you would like to be on board
  • What makes you a great for which position
  • What you would like to gain

Include your CV/Linkedin and link to a social media profile.

I’m welcoming intern, volunteer and paid proposals. Don’t apply if you’re looking for serious money-based income. You must be in it for the other benefits. This is a social start-up for a greater benefit than individual gains. At the moment investment funds but if you’re willing to invest time now, benefits can be reaped later. If you’re specifically skillful and interested in helping out with one facet, I also would love to hear from you. Ahoy!