Ocean Ambassador & Influencer

With my sailing and freedive explorations I’m on the forefront seeing the beauty but also decline of the state of the ocean. To create awareness and empower for action, I create content on the ocean adventures, ocean exploration and encounters. What’s happening with the ocean? What can we do about it as individuals? How to get involved? More content splash by splash on TheOceanpreneur.com

Connect with me on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Patreon for the Oceanbuzz. I’m revising all my blogs previously posted on sailingblog OceanXploration.com and travelblog on DestinationXploration.com and will publish them all, and more onto theOceanpreneur.com in the summer of 2017, with the mission to inspire and encourage for ocean adventure and action. A few times per year I send out a newsletter, like this Ocean Splash.

Social Influence according to Klear:

Together we can turn the tide! I welcome collaborations with brands sharing the same values on sustainability and making this world a better place. I’m interested in collaborations with:

  • Ocean heroes creating solutions to plastic pollution
  • Innovations to reduce our carbon footprint, including vegan food ideas
  • Tourism destinations, organizations, services, and products with efforts in sustainability
  • Zero impact Gear (outdoor, travel, watersports, renewable, action technology, plastic free alternatives)
  • Sailing boats, companies and expeditions with passion and action in sustainability
  • Eco friendly sailing gear and boat building and maintenance solutions
  • Adventure-, Outdoor- & Extreme sport brands and organisations (kitesurf, freedive, snowboard, mountainbike, or something new to try)
  • Ocean conservation initiatives

My grand goal is build a zero impact sailing boat and I’m looking for partners and sponsors for this project.

Learn about the influence I can create on WebFluential, and contact me on suzanne @ theoceanpreneur.com. I’m looking forward to team up!