Project Description

 I love to help those out there seeking and planning their next adventure.
My 11 years of slow travel has given me some insights on how to do it. On my travelblog and sailingblog you can read some stories.
Adventure seekers!
I can advice and assist with the following topics:
  • Responsible travel
  • Zero Waste travel
  • Making adventures meaningful
  • Helping parents understand your next crazy adventure idea
  • Setting up a Crowdfunding campaign
  • Boat-hitchhiking (Coastal & Oceans)
  • Social Media Management
  • Choosing the next adventure destination
  • Route & Itinerary planning
  • Learning freediving & freedive travel
  • Get your adventure started
  • Advice on island & coastal destinations
  • Solo female travel
  • Digital nomad life & travel
  • Kitesurf travel destinations
  • Sailing travel & routing
  • Responsible Travel/outdoor gear & packing
  • Vegan travel
  • Setting up a website / travelblog
  • In depth destination knowledge (I spent months in each of these places:
    • Europe
      • Greek Islands (visited +20 islands)
      • Tarifa, Spain
      • Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey
      • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Caribbean
      • The overal picture. Where to go for what and when?
      • In depth knowledge: Tobago, Bonaire, St. Lucia, Dominica, Saba
    • Asia
      • Bali, Flores and Gili Air Indonesia
      • Singapore
    • Oceania
      • Queensland
      • Melbourne
      • Tonga
    • South America
      • Peru
      • Galapagos, Ecuador
    • Africa
      • Mauritius
Contact me via Clarify to set up a skypecall. Current rate only $2/minute.

Let’s get your adventure started!
Business, organisations and destinations interested in collaborating, consultancy, publicity or booking me as a speaker, contact me at suzanne @ to discuss to make something happen!