Project Description

I’m happy to come and share a story based on 10 years of exploring islands, coasts and oceans.


  • The importance of our oceans, its challenges & what can we do
  • Ocean Adventure Travel
  • Location Independent lifestyle
  • Boat-hitchhiking
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Zero Waste Sailing, Travel and living
  • Becoming plastic aware
  • Concious consumerism
  • What can we do as individuals?

I speak at your event, school, or company! based on what I have experienced on the forefront in 10 years of exploring islands, coasts and oceans.  My talks are supported by images, quotes and video. Presentations are designed to inspire, inform and action towards a more adventurous and eco responsible life. I can tailor make presentation based on the audience, from young kids to corporates.

I’m particulary looking to get kids educated and involved on the importance of our ocean, challenges of our ocean like plastic pollution, overfishing, biodiversity change and climate change. They are our future!

If you would like to book me as a speaker for an event or lecture contact me at Suzanne @