Project Description is my travelblog on Eco & Adventure Travel.

I have been slow travelling around the world for +10 years now.  Slow travel allows me to get the full essence of a place. As an ocean adventurer and advocate, I’m always looking for THE cool coastal town or island, water play potential and ways to protect the playground. With my adventure travelblog DestinationXploration I aim to inspire for adventure and broaden minds, to make others aware how they can get the absolute most out of active travel and (long-term) adventures. Not just for themselves, but for the places and people they are visiting, that are in most cases less fortunate than the traveller. Topics on DestinationXploration: responsible travel, local travel, kitesurf travel, freedive travel, island and coastal destinations, sustainability, zero waste travel, adventure travel and extreme sports.

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I also advice and assist travellers with topics around the adventure travel lifestyle