Where to find a boat to cross the Atlantic?

Almost every day someone asks me this question. There is no straightforward way to find a boat to sail across the Atlantic. The most common three methods to find a boat are through connection via internet platforms, personal contact at the harbour, or referrals from your network. There is no fixed “best” approach. It depends on what kind of experience you want. It depends on luck. And it depends on your efforts. In the book, I dedicate 30 pages specifically to the topic of where to find a boat, including a review of the best crew websites to sign up for, which harbours to go to when, where to search locally and other tips and tricks how you can find out about boats looking for crew.

Do you know any boats crossing the Atlantic?

Occasionally I do and I share these opportunities in the Ocean Nomad community. You’re welcome to join as an Ocean Nomad reader.


Resources in addition to book Ocean Nomad


A few app suggestions that can be fun and helpful.


  • SkyGuide -With this app you can scan the sky and learn about the stars and constellations over your head.
  • Pocket – This app allows you to download online blogs and articles to read later.
  • Kindle – A reader app for your Amazon e-books (if you don’t bring an e-reader with you).
  • Memrise – A playful app to learn a language.


Apnea trainer – Train your lungs; useful for getting superpowers!


  • Raymarine – You can connect your phone or tablet with the Raymarine navigation on board to track the stats from wherever you are chillaxing.
  • PredictWind – App for weather forecasting and downloading weather files (one only works with an internet connection)
  • Tides Planner – This will help you figure out how close you can anchor to shore or when you can go for a surf
  • Marine Traffic – Tracks the AIS of boats. Check where your sailing friends are or which boats are around.
  • BlueChart Mobile & Navionics – Navigation apps to which you can contribute content


  • A mindmap app – Visually turn your thoughts into maps, structuring the zillion ideas and concepts you come up with at sea.
  • Evernote – Useful to collect and organize your ideas.
  • VideoShop – Edit your videos on the go.
  • GoPro / Camera App -Transfer photos and videos to your phone or tablet.


    • CleanSwell – Contribute to the largest research on marine debris. Record each item of trash you collect in the harbour, at sea, and on the beach.
    • Marine Debris Tracker – Report where you find what marine debris anywhere in the world.

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