How to Catch a Sailboat Ride


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How to Catch a Sailboat Ride?


Almost every day someone asks me this question. There is no straightforward way to find a boat to sail across the Atlantic. The most common three methods to find a boat are through connection via internet platforms, personal contact at the harbour, or referrals from your network. There is no fixed “best” approach. It depends on what kind of experience you want. It depends on luck. And it depends on your efforts. Keep an eye out on my Youtube Channel where I’ll soon post videos about this. Here’s a list of crewwebsites. In the book, I dedicate 30 pages specifically to the topic of where to find a boat, including a review of the best crew websites to sign up for, which harbours to go to when, where to search locally and other tips and tricks how you can find out about boats looking for crew.

Occasionally I do and I share some of these opportunities in the Atlantic Ocean Crew facebook group or  Ocean Nomad community.

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