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Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean: What's it like?

What's it like sailing across the Atlantic What's it like? Here's a snapshot from one of my 4 Atlantic Ocean sailing experiences: “Someone is pinching me. ‘Suzanne Suzanne' Watch time! Wow, I come out of a deep sleep. It takes me some…

Ocean friendly gift ideas for positive impact

Just a quick message before the festivities :
Gift FOR the oceanHere's a few happy ECO FRIENDLY GIFT IDEAS that can bring a positive impact to a loved one AND a healthier ocean CreativityMake a natural straw, make a bracelet…
Backpacking in the Caribbean
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Caribbean Travel: Budget & Adventure Style

The image you have in mind from the Caribbean gets beyond confirmed once arrived. From Tobago tucked away in the south east corner, to little Saba up north, the islands are blessed with tropical rainforests, stunning reef drops, waterfalls…
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Becoming a wilderness women: Off the grid eco camp in Dominica

Update: The Eco Camp is no more aftern hurricane Maria. But the S family is stronger than ever! Watch their story here on Youtube.I’m sitting in the shade of a palm tree. In the far distance, I can see the Atlantic, the ocean that brought…
Hitch-sailing in Langkawi Malaysia
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Local Things To do in Bodrum | Turkey

Local Things To Do In Bodrum, TurkeyI’m sitting underneath an umbrella on a terrace in Bodrum, having a Turkish coffee.This will keep going on for some hours if not days. It’s tasty and strong. Next to me, there’s a mandarin…
Hitch-sailing in Langkawi Malaysia
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A typical day of hitch-sailing: fun + making a difference

HitchSailing: spontaneous crewing on a strangers’ sailboat. Whether you have sailing experience or not, whether you contribute money or not, whether you found the boat in advance online or locally in the harbour. Some call it boathitchiking,…
Hitch-sailing in Langkawi Malaysia
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Travel packing for the planet: What's in my eco friendly travel kit?

The ultimate guide to your eco-friendly travel kit You want to travel light, compact and purposeful. But that’s not enough! Here are some considerations and recommendations for your ethical and eco-friendly travelkit.You want to support…