Citizen science for sailors | How/Where can you contribute?

There is so much we don't know yet about the ocean. Especially…
January 19, 2020/by Suzanne

Tips on Seasickness

Tips on seasickness
Most people, including captains and professional…
January 13, 2020/by Suzanne

What can you do? The 7 R’s: Rethink-Refuse-Reduce-Re-choose-Repair-Reuse-Recycle


September 21, 2019/by Suzanne

How to Find a Sailboat Ride? | Boat-hitchhiking Tips

You want to travel simple, sustainable and the adventurous way…
August 9, 2019/by Suzanne

Adventure & Impact Sailing Opportunities for August and September | 2019

Here are the latest sailing opportunities I have (co) - created…
August 2, 2019/by Suzanne

How to prepare, assess safety and minimize risk as crew? | Sailing across the Atlantic

How to prepare, assess safety and minimize risk as crew before…
July 12, 2019/by Suzanne

How to make DIY Natural Sunscreen | Simple, Quick & Easy

One ocean solution option against the use of chemical sunscreens…
June 8, 2019/by Suzanne
environmental friendly sunscreen

Biodegradable sunscreen for a healthy ocean and healthy you. What to know? What to choose?

May 13, 2019/by Suzanne

Crew Opportunities: Simplicity & Sustainability Adventure Sailing in the Balearics | Summer 2019

April 20, 2019/by Suzanne

Crew Wanted for Lanzarote Sailing Adventure – Eco Pirate Style

January 9, 2019/by Suzanne
diy toothpaste recipe

How to make your own toothpaste? Healthy, Cheap, Available and Zero Waste

December 1, 2018/by Suzanne

Do you need a boat care-taker / deliverer? Let me help!

Hey Boat Owners!

Do you have a boat just sitting on a mooring…
November 15, 2018/by Suzanne

Top 10 tips for Sailing Across the Atlantic as Crew

Travelling an Atlantic Crossing on someone else’s sailing boat…
November 6, 2018/by Suzanne

What’s in my zero waste travel kit?

October 27, 2018/by Suzanne