7 Reasons why the ocean is SO important

January 4, 2018/by Suzanne

Las Palmas Atlantic Sailing Guide

Las Palmas, a city on the northern side of Gran Canaria, is the…
December 11, 2017/by Suzanne
Photo by Karim

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean: What’s it like?

What's it like sailing across the Atlantic
What's it like? Here's…
November 27, 2017/by Suzanne

What can you throw over board when sailing the ocean? Part 2. On the Ocean

The discussion comes up on every boat setting sail for the ocean.…
November 25, 2017/by Suzanne

Fish Responsibly (or not at all)

Fishing can be an exciting part of a long sailing passage, like…
November 20, 2017/by Suzanne

Catch a Sailboat Ride Across the Ocean and Make a Difference

Ocean Travel Guide for Adventurers
Catch a Sailboat Ride Across…
November 13, 2017/by Suzanne

The Ocean Nomad Book Launch Celebration – Out Now!

Ocean Nomad is OUT NOW!
Fiesta time in Lanzarote last week! The…
November 9, 2017/by Suzanne

Vanishing Sail Filmscreening in Lanzarote – Canary Islands

Earlier this year I fell in love. In love with those wooden boats,…
October 21, 2017/by Suzanne

“Don’t just accept the future, go shape it.” Take-aways from the Our Ocean Youth Summit

The last week I had the privilege to be present at the Our Ocean…
October 11, 2017/by Suzanne

Catch a Sailboat Ride across the Ocean | Press Release

Catch a sailboat ride across the Ocean
Jump on board and make…
October 11, 2017/by Suzanne

How to minimise your waste footprint when sailing the ocean? Part 1.

The discussion comes up on every boat setting sail for the ocean.…
October 9, 2017/by Suzanne

Ocean Nomad Pontoon party & Vanishing Sail Film Screening

Last weekend of October the official book launch of book OCEAN…
October 1, 2017/by Suzanne

Ocean friendly gift ideas for positive impact

Just a quick message before the festivities :
Gift FOR the…
September 20, 2017/by Suzanne

Job Opportunity FIRST MATE Ocean Adventure Travel & Conservation Media Assistant

July 28, 2017/by Suzanne