Ocean Nomad

The Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide: How to Catch a Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean.

This 400-page interactive Atlantic Sailing Crew guide is packed with inspiration and ‘how-to’s (and how not’s) on sailing the Atlantic ocean as crew. If you aspire to sail across the Atlantic, this is the resource to make it happen: happy, safe and meaningful. It is full of practical advice and stories, persuading and informing the traveller to go from the idea of “I would like to cross the Atlantic”, to sipping a coconut on the other side celebrating. Ocean Nomad provides:
– A comprehensive look at all aspects of crewing
Essential knowledge on routes, seasons, weather, costs, kind of boats, and destinations.
– How to find a boat (extensive review of all crew websites and marina’s to find your luck, and tips on promoting yourself)
– Tips and Checklists on (eco-friendly) packing, assessing safety, captain and capability, and provisioning. 
– Interviews of 32 captains, 58 crew members who sailed the Atlantic Ocean for a wide perspective.
In addition to providing the ‘how-to’s of sailing across the Atlantic as crew, Ocean Nomad informs and raises awareness about the state of our ocean, including +75 actionable takeaways on how you can make a difference for a healthier ocean as sailors and anyone.
All proceeds of Ocean Nomad go into more ocean conservation projects.

First in the series Ocean Nomad – Atlantic
Coming up: Ocean Nomad – Caribbean

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Featured in:

Yachting World

“A highly organized and helpful book with routes, ports, websites, and even some of the bars you should hang-out or go duckwalking to find your ride. Clear thinking and attention to details make Ocean Nomad useful to any captain or crew for an ocean passage. Her passion for conservation and sustainability offers insight into a ‘vagabond’ lifestyle that is also socially responsible.”

Edwin Butter Captain & Boat Owner S/V Grace for Ocean Conservation

“It is part of my ship’s articles: I want every crew member to read it before they step on board! Not just because it is packed with tips for both captain and crew, but also because it gives a clear insight in the minds of hitch sailors. This is more than a ‘if-you-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it/-if-you-just-put-your-mind-to-it-it-will-happen”


“I can only imagine the amount of time and energy put into gathering the information and writing this book. Full of great photos and heads up calls, plus tons of information for becoming an ocean nomad (or upping your game if you’re already one) … this book is an invaluable resource! It even has a chapter “What to tell mom?” if you’re worried that loved ones might not agree with your plans.
If you love adventure, make sure you pick up this great book: the author speaks from experience and you’d be tempted to make ocean splashes yourself! If you’re a conscious person, you’ll be touched by the current status of the ocean, and you’ll be eager to contribute in one way or another (plenty of suggestions inside). And if you’re a curious person, make sure you grab it because you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find inside … and even inspired!”

Jennifer Dunne

“At almost 400 pages, Ocean Nomad contains actionable information for anyone involved (or interested) in hitch-sailing. More than a simple adventure story, or even a personal memoir of what the author did right and wrong when hitch-sailing (3 times!) across the Atlantic, the book is a comprehensive look at all aspects of hitch-sailing, with interviews of 32 captains and 58 sailors for a wide perspective. I recalled fondly the year my best friend and I took a sailing-ship cruise in the Caribbean, helping to raise or lower sail, sleeping on deck, our adventures on the many tiny islands we stopped at (described by the captain as “Christopher Columbus, 3rd voyage, sailed by, didn’t stop”), and being on watch when the bilge pump broke. This book is finding its way into the stockings of many friends and relatives for Christmas this year — the ocean activist who is passionate about corals, a former Navy man who loves books about boats, an armchair adventurer who loves travel, a nature lover who has already hiked the Camino Real, and of course my sailing buddy.”

John Clarke

“First up it is obvious that there has been an immense amount of work gone into this book, as is the genuine passion the author has for this subject (both sailing and the ocean). I consider myself a reasonably well travelled person but until now I had never even considered sailing an ocean! But this book has changed my perspective. It now feels possible, achievable and a very real prospect. But there is more to this than just sailing. And this is what makes this book stand out from the rest. This has a purpose behind it and one that I am now inspired to learn more about. Thanks to the author for taking the time to put together this information to help people to be inspired, realise their dreams, and learn about something very important all at the same time!”

Eva Pronoun

“Suzanne is high spirited and has a wealth of knowledge about sailing and staying healthy! She will encourage you to be bold and take a risk but to do so as sensibly as possible. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her poise in the face of the unexpected is reassuring.”

Paulina from Paulina on the Road

“I loved reading about the boat hitch hiking adventures and how Suzanne does sensitization work about our oceans. So much that she inspired me to try the boat hitchhiking thing as well. From the first moment I read her writing, I knew that I wanted to do the same! I just loved reading with how much passion she realizes her dream step by step. When we were full of doubts if it was the right thing to do, I returned to what she wrote and re-convinced myself that it was all for the best. And it worked out! We sailed from Canary Islands to Cape Verde. There we spent one month looking for a boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean. We finally found one and went from Cape Verde to Barbados. Suzanne has been a major source of inspiration and information!”

Captain Cliff Lyon

“Suzanne was the last of twelve hitchhikers (barnacles, as we decided to call this ‘breed’) I picked her up between Grenada and the Dominican Republic. What a pleasure! She’s turned hitching rides on boats from a sketchy endeavor to graceful art. Do as she says. She is the doyenne of sailboat hitchhikers.”

Jonathan Geracion

“Who doesn’t dream about crossing the ocean on a boat? This was an incredible book. Both inspirational and practical to give the nuts and bolts of the how to, and also the necessity of saving our vast oceans.”

Jordan Smith

“It’s a huge value bomb that makes even the stiffest armchair traveler want to get up, hitch a ride, and cross the ocean. It also does a great job in creating awareness of the grave state the oceans are in, and of the huge impact we can make – if we only choose to.”

Steve Green

“Having sailed with Suzanne from France to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and to St Lucia I have seen how enthusiastic and committed to her mission she is. Having read her book now I can sense the enthusiasm coming out at me from the pages and feel that her book is an inspiration and fantastic guide on hitch sailing and ocean preservation. It should be on every yacht out there at sea.”

 Monique Mills of Making Waves Sailing

“Suzanne’s book is a two-park guide book. The first half guides you into the nomadic world of sailors. Once you have arrived, the second half implores your vital participation and duty to becoming an ocean advocate. This ambitious guide book is the spark that will ignite your sense of adventure and provoke your compassion to creating a better world.”

Jennifer Dunne

“The author’s passion and commitment is both inspiring and heart breaking — because we shouldn’t NEED to be told not to treat our wonderful oceans as limitless cesspools for trash and pollutants not wanted on land. If you haven’t read Ocean Nomad, by all means, buy a copy of that wonderful book. But if you’re already convinced that the health of our oceans is important, and just want to know what to do about it, this is a great place to start, with actionable, easily digested information.”

Sarah Suprenaton

“Suzanne has written an inspiring and informative book that not only makes you want to dive right into sailing, but is environmentally conscious as well. Section four of the book not only shows the many different ways you can get involved with ocean conservation, but it shows how others are currently helping as well, which is very motivating. Even though there is a ton of information, it is easy to read and well-written.  I’m ready to start my ocean journey now! This would make a great gift for anyone in your life that loves to sail or travel. Or for yourself if you are itching for adventure!”

Jim Ries of One less Straw

“We loved Suzanne’s book. Her passion is unwavering and her commitment to saving our oceans is sincere. I had the opportunity to meet her at the Our Oceans conference in Malta and she is “The Real Deal”. This book makes a great gift for the Holiday’s.”

Brian van Dongen

“As someone who has no boat, no budget, and no sailing experience, but loves to travel and have a good adventure, this book provided everything the author promises and more. While readers can use this as “guide book” to get a boat and plot an adventure crossing an ocean, it also gives readers an in-depth look at the deteriorating state of our oceans and ways both boaters and sailors and the “landlocked” citizens of earth to improve the quality of our waters.
I can only imagine the amount of work, preparation, research, and thought that went into this book. While reading the book, I could imagine myself on the boat with Suzanne and her crew crossing the ocean and living her adventure. I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to go on an adventure on the ocean, plan out their own adventure, or learn about the health of our oceans and ways we can save them.”

Virginia Ritterbuschon

“OCEAN NOMAD takes the reader through the adventure, routes, “how-to’s” and places that her years of oceanic exploration have accrued. The love, respect and honor Suzanne feels toward the seas is palpable throughout her book.

OCEAN NOMAD is also a powerful presentation of information concerning the threat to our ocean and our future on this planet. Suzanne has constructed a clear and convincing “Call to Action” to save our planet which depends upon our Oceans. She has put into understandable terms the influence the oceans make on our climate and how the increasing levels of carbon dioxide affect temperature and ocean life.
Her photos pack a reality punch that demonstrates the need for all of us to step up to the plate and join together in protecting our planet. Oceanswatch.org looks like an organization to investigate.

Marjo via Kindle

“The book really inspires you to take action and follow your bliss. The bonus section of the very inspiring and adventurous book Ocean Nomad, that breaks all boundaries and limitations you might think you had. This bonus section gives you a thorough inside in the ecological importance of our oceans and your role in saving them. The author shares many facts and experiences of her journey’s on sailing ships all over the globe. She explains why we all need the oceans and how they provide the biggest amount of oxygen on earth for us. You really learn to respect and appreciate the connection we have we the ocean.

While reading the book you wonder: What can I do to help? The author explains how we all can help to regenerate the oceans. She also shows what already has been done by numerous organizations and individuals, which gives us hope for the future. The information in this book could be life and earth saving! When you really apply it, you can make a difference and a great contribution to not only saving the earth and oceans, but saving your health in the process. And it’s not difficult or a lot of work. It’s easy can even be fun. And who knows you might even sail off one day and explore the beauty of the oceans firsthand.”