the Story of Caribbean Tradition

Vanishing Sail Film Screening at the Bequia Easter Regatta with SPECIAL Announcement! 

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Soon I'll sail down from Antigua to Bequia for the Easter Regatta. I'll be hosting Vanishing Sail Film Screening at the Bequia Easter Regatta with SPECIAL Announcement! More info about the screening Winner of 7 international awards - On…

Vanishing Sail Filmscreening in Lanzarote - Canary Islands

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Earlier this year I fell in love. In love with those wooden boats, I encountered on the beach in Carriacou, Grenada. I was determined to go to Windward Carriacou, where the boats are being built, after seeing this movie Vanishing Sails at the…

Sailboat hitchhiking from the Virgin Islands

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The Virgin Islands: a popular place for sailors in the Caribbean. Also a popular starting point or ending point for sailing across the Atlantic. Here's a little bit of info to get a sense of place. The Virgin Islands are made up of the British…
Backpacking in the Caribbean

Caribbean Islands Budget Travel: Explore Adventure Style

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Here are some Caribbean islands budget travel tips. The image you have in mind from the Caribbean gets beyond confirmed once arrived. From Tobago tucked away in the south east corner, to little Saba up north, the islands are blessed with tropical…

Becoming a wilderness women: Off the grid eco camp in Dominica

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Update: The Eco Camp is no more aftern hurricane Maria. But the S family is stronger than ever! Watch their story here on Youtube. I’m sitting in the shade of a palm tree. In the far distance, I can see the Atlantic, the ocean that brought…
Freediving in the Caribbean

Bonaire: a (free)divers paradise in the Caribbean

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Even the license plates in Bonaire say ‘divers paradise’. Bonaire, a famous destination in the scubadiving world, not so much in the freedive world (yet...). So let's explore the potential of Bonaire as a freedivers paradise!…