Eating tuna, responsible or not? | Ruta Del Atun | Tarifa

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Photo:  Tuna statue indicating the direction of the wind. Placed in different places along the 'Costa de la Luz' in 2013, when the first 'Ruta del Atun' took place. Eating tuna, responsible or not? This weekend is the 3rd edition of ‘Ruta…

3 remarkable ocean conservation initiatives to support!

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Did you know? That ... Shark fishing is the biggest illegal industry, after cocaine. Sharks don’t eat us. We eat the sharks! Shark is processed in Asian cuisine, cosmetics, pills, petfood, and even appears in eco products from the…

The Difference YOU make by spending local: 7 reasons

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'Buenos Dias Guapa!', Señor Pepe says while watching the TV from his home-trainer. He's wearing a T-shirt that says 'Aqui todo es muy bueno', meaning 'Here’s everything very good.' Pepe moves from his home-trainer to the counter where his…