The Holiday Sailing Packing List - Practical and Ocean Conscious Tips

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The Sailing Packing List Summer sailing season is on and you’re going on a sailing trip! Good for you! Your life will never be the same ;). Especially if you have never been on a sailing trip before it can be difficult to figure out what…
the Story of Caribbean Tradition

Vanishing Sail Film Screening at the Bequia Easter Regatta with SPECIAL Announcement! 

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Soon I'll sail down from Antigua to Bequia for the Easter Regatta. I'll be hosting Vanishing Sail Film Screening at the Bequia Easter Regatta with SPECIAL Announcement! More info about the screening Winner of 7 international awards - On…
Swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

From ocean adventurer to change-maker | from

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This post was originally posted on We are now 16 days at sea. Six salty sailors and I are navigating our way from Spain to the Americas on a small sailing sloop. The lack of wind brings opportunity. After weeks of…

What can you throw over board when sailing the ocean? Part 2. On the Ocean

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The discussion comes up on every boat setting sail for the ocean. How are we going to deal with waste?  Is it better to throw glass and tin in the ocean or dump it on a little island? What is actually recyclable? How to dispose waste on the…

How to fish when sailing? Or not at all

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How to fish when sailing? Fishing can be an exciting part of a long sailing passage, like the Atlantic crossing – but catching is a different story! On my four Atlantic crossings (combined), we caught a total of three fish that made it up…