How to Find a Sailboat Ride? | Boat-hitchhiking Tips

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You want to travel simple, sustainable and the adventurous way so you've decided to catch a sailboat ride! Awesome plan. Your life will never be the same ;) Sailing is not only for the rich and famous. Sailing can be done on a budget and without…

Adventure & Impact Sailing Opportunities for August and September | 2019

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Here are the latest sailing opportunities I have (co) - created to connect you to the sea, yourself, and to others like you. We’re all on similar journeys, dreaming and doing about ocean adventures and to make a positive impact around us.…

Do you need a boat care-taker / deliverer? Let me help!

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Hey Boat Owners! Do you have a boat just sitting on a mooring somewhere growing barnacles? Or do you need to leave your boat behind for a month or longer? Or would you rather have your boat somewhere else but don't want / can't do the delivery…

Back on land after sailing the Atlantic! What’s it like to arrive?

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Salty Months I just arrived in Europe from the Caribbean from my fourth Atlantic crossing. Salty, dirty, way too tanned, a little tired but happy and accomplished.  Every day the last months has been a hell of an adventure. In the…
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Ocean Nomad TV - Sailing/Adventure Videos for a Healthier Ocean

Time to make TV! I'm super excited to show you the trailer of Ocean Nomad TV! Here you go:   Now the book is finished I move on to the next project: making videos on the sailing adventures, ocean discoveries and journey to building…