Back on land after sailing the Atlantic! What’s it like to arrive?

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Salty Months I just arrived in Europe from the Caribbean from my fourth Atlantic crossing. Salty, dirty, way too tanned, a little tired but happy and accomplished.  Every day the last months has been a hell of an adventure. In the…

Atlantic Sailing: seven crew websites to find a boat (or Crew)

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Seven websites to find a boat to sail across the Atlantic - as crew, or to find crew! Christopher Columbus needed to convince the Queen of Spain to sail across the Atlantic. Nowadays, we have the internet: one of the three methods to find a…
sailing across the Atlantic Ocean as crew
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Ocean Nomad TV - Sailing/Adventure Videos for a Healthier Ocean

Time to make TV! I'm super excited to show you the trailer of Ocean Nomad TV! Here you go:   Now the book is finished I move on to the next project: making videos on the sailing adventures, ocean discoveries and journey to building…

Humans love to suck: glass, steel and bamboo alternatives to plastic straws

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What’s wrong with straws? The heartbroken video of the sea turtle suffering from an embedded straw into the nose, was a warning of the alarming situation that we are creating by using single use plastic items. In the United States, 500…
Swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

From ocean adventurer to change-maker | from

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This post was originally posted on We are now 16 days at sea. Six salty sailors and I are navigating our way from Spain to the Americas on a small sailing sloop. The lack of wind brings opportunity. After weeks of…