Ways I can help you to make your sailing dreams happen:

  • Join me on a trip!
  • Hire me as a Captain. (For Holidays, Deliveries or boatcaretaking)
  • Explore the resources pages on this website with links to blogs, stories, tips and lots of free goodies that answer the most frequently answered questions. Can’t find the answer? Then you can submit a question.
  • Read book Ocean Nomad. In 400 pages I answer your questions on the ocean nomads lifestyle, ways to find a boat, routes, harbours to go to, checklists on finding out if it’s a good boat/captain/crew, tips on preparation and other practical things, and lots on ocean conservation and how to be a pirate of purpose. The book focuses on the Atlantic but most information and tips can be applied globally.
  • Become a Very Important Pirate on Patreon and receive access to my network, and answers to your questions. As a VIP you help me make ocean impact videos, and I will help you to the best I can to make your dreams happen.
  • Join the Ocean Nomads group on facebook to meet more salty dreamers, sustainability thinkers, and purpose pirates. Share your knowledge and ask your questions. The app is in development.

Are you looking for more personal advice, have tons of questions and/or would like to have a virtual coconut with me digging deeper, let’s set up a call and I’ll help you to the best I can!

I receive lots of messages every day. This is awesome but I don’t have the capacity to answer most of them. If you want personal answers, submit your question on the FAQ page, come to an Ocean Nomads Meet-Up, Become a VIP, or call me via the button below)