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“The future is in the hands of those who explore . . . and from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind
an infinite love.”

— Jacques Yves Cousteau


Powered by the wind, passion and purpose! Travel the world by sail. Discover what it feels like to wake up at sea, breathe the ocean air, have the wind in your hair, navigate by the stars, live simple and resourceful, and be eye to eye with dolphins



We can travel oceans, do good, save money, and have fun.  All together we are responsible for the life that is depleting in the ocean. All together we can also bring it back! Collectively, our impact can be major.


Jump into the sea first minute after waking up. Swim to shore to meet the locals. Go into the rainforest to find fresh fruits. Climb a coconut tree. Having a sunset beer with self-made guacamole in the skin of the guacamole. And sharing this with other adventurous eco-minded souls!

Release the PIRATE & PURPOSE within you

OCEAN NOMAD LIFE is for you if:

  • Have an Adventure-Spirit, Curiousity and Big Dreams!

  • Like to get into sailing but don’t know where to start

  • Heard about ‘boathitchhiking’ and like to learn how this works

  • Like to go with the flow. No itineraries please.

  • Like to meet like-minded salt loving surfers, freedivers, sailors

  • Have a zillion ideas on how to change the world for the good and looking for like-minded ocean adventurers and action people to team up with

  • Want to make a difference, do good, find purpose

  • Interested in wooden boats, cargo under sail, reviving old ways of doing things and perhaps want to help build one?

  • Like to live simple, healthy and sustainable

  • Dream to sail around the world one day

  • Don’t have a boat, big budget or sailing experience but desire

  • Do have a boat and you’re looking for like-minded adventurers and change-makers to take on board

Hi! My name is Suzanne. I live more at sea than on land. I sail as crew on other peoples sailboats while contributing and making a difference where I can.

Create Memorable Days

My mission is to have you experience the magic of the ocean. Sailing frees the mind, resets and gives fresh perspectives. Possibly so many fresh perspectives, that you want to keep on going forever!

I’m here to excite you about this natural way of travel, enable you to go sailing, make impact, and to connect you with the like-minded!


you can learn more about who I am and what I do, including a little 1 minute pirate video.

For Crew, Captains & the Curious

Ocean Nomad Life is a movement for both (aspiring) crew and captains after ocean adventure and making this world a better place. It’s a way of life of sharing, exploring, collaborating and action!

START TODAY by grabbing a copy of Ocean Nomad, the adventure travel guide to sail the high seas on a budget. This is the resource I wish was out there when I was looking to get into sailing a few years ago, with no sailing experience, boat, or a big budget. It’s written for the Atlantic but applicable globally to get you started with the Ocean Nomad lifestyle. You can learn more about the book HERE, and grab a digital or physical copy HERE.

Discover this way of life, explore the world, meet cultures and make friends


Tag your ocean explorations: the good, the bad & the ugly

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The Mission

To connect people to the sea. 

I’d like you to feel what it’s like to jump into the sea first thing after waking up, swim to shore to meet a local and be gifted free mangoes. Free, because this is how nature provided it and the local was just happy with a little interaction. I’d like you to experience what it feels like to see a million stars above you and more shooting stars than wishes to be made. To take a salty shower in the sea right after you wake up. To meet our fundwater friends below the surface. The only way to capture this magic is by experiencing it. 

From experience comes awareness. From that, comes caring. From caring comes action. Ocean action. We must save the ocean. We owe it to our children.

And together it can be more fun, and more impactful!

The Goal

We go around the world in (a self (re)built :)) sailboat fleet having the adventure of a lifetime while contributing to world around us and saving the ocean! 

The Vision

To create memorable days, not never ending to-do lists. They never end. Life does. What we are and act now we pass on to our children. So we better be good and do good while playing in the great outdoors enjoying what this beautiful world has to offer. We can combine our energy, network and resources to sail the seas in most meaningful way, but with no day without play!

I believe this is what we are supposed to be doing: exploring, learning, lending a hand where we can. Live with minimum negative impact and doing what we can to make a positive impact to the world around us.

Instead of trying to tackle this never ever ending inbox and to do list, scrolling, and worrying about how we’re going to pay the next bills. It’s not easy. I get stuck a lot too. The world lives around a money-based system and we’re all so busy to keep up the balls. It’s not making us feel alive. It’s not life. And it’s not sustainable. 

But we can start to change that! Together we can. We must for our children. Back in the days, they were doing fine with trading, growing their own foods and the use of natural materials. We can revive some of that. Combine that with the technology that exists today and we can make a massive impact for the good! A kid these things thinks chicken comes from the supermarket. If you have the means to read this, you’re equipped with skills that make dream happen! And not only yours. All together we are responsible for trashing this planet. Together we can turn the tide. With knowing what we know now, we can’t just keep taking the things as they come. We must shape things as they go. We must invest the energy the ocean gives us, into solutions for a healthier ocean. 

So catch a sailboat ride and join the tribe.

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Wanted: Volunteers, Sponsors & Partners

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OCEAN NOMAD LIFE is a movement of a nature-minded, simple and meaningful way of living and travel sustainably at sea. Become part of it and help shape it into something way bigger than our individual dreams combined!

For the young (by heart:) nomadic ocean lovers that are after a simple, adventurous sailing lifestyle, with big dreams and missions. For the adventure spirits wishing to experience more of the world with sea travel, live simply and make a positive impact in the world that we call our playground. For those looking to connect and experience with like-minded young by heart ocean adventurers and change-makers.

  • Go on an ocean adventure yourself! And experience what the magic is like!
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  • Buy book Ocean Nomad. 400 pages of ocean adventure & conservation stories and tips.
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Those chasing their dreams to live a sustainable happy life at sea. It doesn’t matter if you own a boat or not, or have sailing experience or not. It’s about sharing the same values and mindset. We’re after the same experience of simple living while doing good along the way. Ocean Nomads are the young (by heart) adventurous ocean lovers that are after an active sailing outdoor lifestyle. The adventure spirits wishing to experience more of the world with sea travel, live simply and make a positive impact in the world that we call our playground.

Perfect! Especially if you’re a complete newbie I can help you get into this! This is how I started. A few years ago I had absolutely no idea, hardly any budget. Learn from my detours and get straight into it!

To give you a heads up, there’s a zillion ways to sail the seas. I had no clue a few years ago. At the moment I sail mostly as amateur crew on other people’s sailboat, lending a hand where I can, sharing the tasks, adventure, and often costs. Sometimes I work on boats to raise the adventure funds. But I rather work for my own dream, and yours. For a better world. It’s the sea life that give me superpowers. And it’s purpose that makes it rewarding.

All sorts of terminology are used to describe ‘us,’ the aspiring sailor catching a sailboat ride: Sailboat hitchhikers, wannabe crew, freeloaders, pickup crew, hitch-sailors, and barnacles as a captain and I came up with during my last ‘hitch-sailing’ trip. It all comes down to the same thing: spontaneous crew on a strangers’ sailboat. Since we’re not actually hiking and freeloading should not be the intention, I sometimes refer to ‘us’ as hitch-sailors. Whether you have sailing experience or not, whether you contribute money or not, or whether you found the boat in advance online or locally in the harbour.

Crew is a more general term, which is basically everyone on the boat except for the captain. Crew can be short-term but also be on board for years, paid or paying. In charter, when it’s a business to take people on board, you also have ‘passengers’ that pay and are not always expected to work. As crew you help with whatever needs to be done to operate the boat.

The best way to get started is to inform yourself what it’s all about and I’m here to do that. Book Ocean Nomad will give you all the bearings and answers to get started.

To explore, learn and gain new perspectives. Sailing free the mind, resets and gives fresh perspectives. Possibly so many fresh perspectives, that you want to keep on going forever! Set out on adventures that may be for a greater purpose. Go for a sail, jump in the sea, walk the shore, learn how to dive. Adventure can spark new insights and give you a new set of eyes. It makes us more conscious as consumers. It resets us. It makes us stronger, more confident, resilient. Maybe it makes you a leader. Maybe an ocean leader! You can shape culture, disrupt business and stimulate change. Above all, we got to make it fun so we’ll have the energy to keep going!

That’s why :)

With money, no. With memorable days. Yes. It’s just the beginning. Ocean Nomad life is not about buying freedom, it’s about living it! It’s a mindset valuing, simplicity, sustainability, sharing, and caring for a better world. You can read the full story in Ocean Nomad.

All sorts of terminology are used to describe the (aspiring) sailor without a boat, looking to sail but not as a job or in a commercial trip: Sailboat hitchhikers, wannabe crew, freeloaders, pickup crew, hitch-sailors, and barnacles. It all comes down to the same thing: spontaneous crew on a strangers’ sailboat. Since we’re not actually hiking and freeloading should not be the intention, I sometimes refer to ‘us’ as hitch-sailor.

I want you to feel the magic of the ocean. The only way to feel this excitement is by experiencing it. I see many people around me struggling to make their sailing dreams happen as well as their full potential to make this world a better place. I want to help. And the best way I can do that at the moment with the resources I have is by inspiring and sharing and connecting. My hope is that you’ll get excited about the ocean and perhaps become an ocean ambassador too! The ocean needs us more than ever.

Also, I believe that if we surround ourselves more with people sharing the same values and dreams we can have way more fun and make more impact. We have no time to lose when it comes to saving the oceans.

Not yet! It’s a dream to explore the seas on my own boat. Having no boat does allow for more freedom and more time to focus on projects that can really make a difference. Sooner or later I would like to have a boat but the right one, with the right crew and resources in place. I would like to (re)build one. Wanna join :)?

Nope. And this has got me pretty far. At the end it’s about attitude, mindset and determination. I do believe I can make way more impact if I can be the captain of a vessel. One of my next goals is to get my yachtmaster so I can take YOU out sailing. Here’s how you can help!