Hey Boat Owners!

Do you have a boat just sitting on a mooring somewhere growing barnacles? Or do you need to leave your boat behind for a month or longer? Or would you rather have your boat somewhere else but don’t want / can’t do the delivery yourself? Or are you selling her for a bargain?

Your boat can serve as an ocean impact sloop, supporting the mission to protect the ocean!


Here’s how I can help:

I can look after your boat, keep the barnacles off, sail her to place x if you want her elsewhere and find crew if needed, or try to help you sell her. I’ve sailed +25.000 NM on a variety of boats and of which four Atlantic Crossings (twice West/East and twice East/West). I’ve reached the level of confidence, competence, and qualification (YachtMaster Offshore) to take boats safely sailing, coastal and offshore. I can hold my breath for five minutes getting rid of all those barnacles at the bottom. Last but not least, I have a good insurance. You can read some reviews on Facebook and ask for my CV for more details. I’m available, qualified, and dedicated!

Here’s how you can help:

Provide your boat to enable Oceanpreneur ocean adventure & impact projects.
I’m looking to sail a boat for 1-4 months in the Caribbean this winter, because:

  • It’s the best way I can use my superpowers to save the ocean!
  • Sailing, exploring, and sharing the experience is what truly excites me! By sailing, and by taking people sailing, I can spark that interest in others and create more ocean ambassadors and advocates! I would like to organize a few Ocean Nomads expeditions so I can connect more people to the sea. From experience comes awareness. From that, comes caring. From caring comes action and leadership.
  • It will allow me to create more and better content on ocean challenges and solutions! I started Youtubing and must make more Ocean Nomad TV (Ocean Adventure & Impact) videos with the mission to save the seas.
  • I’m developing the strategy and funding plan for the Carriacou Sloop. She’ll be used for ocean impact projects. But we have no time to lose! Until she’s ready I’m looking for other ways to scale up the ocean conservation efforts and education is a major part of that. I’m looking to test some ocean literacy programs, visit schools in the Caribbean islands and get a better understanding of how to help the islands and the ocean so that future generations will experience life too.

I just need a platform: a sailing boat!

Time & Dates are flexible!

When and where ideally?

Somewhere between January and May in the Caribbean (preferably Eastern Caribbean since that’s where the sloop will be built)

Somewhere between May and September in the Mediterranean

What kind of boat?

A monohull sailing boat
Pretty much ready to set sail
30-60 ft /Able to sleep 4-8 people. Can consider bigger.
The simpler the better.


Contact Me
if you see a collaboration here!

Thank you!


If you don’t have a boat, but you do like to encourage my ocean conservation efforts, here are some ways you can support. Thank you!

For only 1$ you can already make a huge difference. Become a Very Important Pirate Patron and supper ocean impact! Thank you!

Become a Patron!

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    What I great concept, the more involved the better. 45 years of surfing , 30 yrs. of living a block off the ocean. It’s time to downsize and move. Ending soon after 18 years as a Firefighter/Emt. Have experience with boats ,repairs,and sailing, and more repair.That part seems endless. Rescue Swimmer/EMT ,diver, and always a surfer.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Great idea ,land has been used as a dump. Now the ocean is catching the overflow. Plastic everywhere, Federal Grants might be a solution ,or at least help, Noaa Sea Grant would be a place to check.


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