Ocean Ambassador & Influencer

With my sailing and freedive explorations I’m on the forefront seeing the beauty but also decline of the state of the ocean. To create awareness and empower for action, I create content on the ocean adventures, ocean exploration and encounters.

Topics: Sailing – Freediving – Kitesurfing – Coastal & Island Destinations – Plastic Pollution – Circular Economy – Environment

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Together we can turn the tide! I welcome collaborations with brands sharing the same interests and values on ocean sports, adventure, sustainability and making this world a better place. I’m interested in collaborations with:

  • Ocean heroes creating solutions to plastic pollution
  • Innovations to reduce our carbon footprint, including vegan food ideas
  • Tourism destinations, organizations, services, and products with efforts in sustainability
  • Zero impact Gear (outdoor, travel, watersports, renewable, action technology, plastic free alternatives)
  • Sailing boats, companies and expeditions with passion and action in sustainability
  • Eco friendly sailing gear and boat building and maintenance solutions
  • Adventure-, Outdoor- & Extreme sport brands and organisations (kitesurf, freedive, snowboard, mountainbike, or something new to try)
  • Ocean conservation initiatives

My grand goal is build a zero impact sailing boat and I’m looking for partners and sponsors for this project.

Contact me on suzanne @ theoceanpreneur.com. I only provide customized solutions. I believe this is how we can make the most impact. I’m looking forward to team up!