Dear Ocean Friends,

If you’re not able to go your local store these days (But do so when you can. Here’s why), and you need to purchase online, please click via the buttons on this page. By doing so a tiny part of the pie will go to me (at no extra costs for you!). It’ll help me greatly to keep going! Thank you!

Before you buy, question if you really need that thing. Here’s some food for thought. Last but not last, buy from the little entrepreneurial shops if you can. They need the most support.

It are challenging times. Also in the world of this ocean entrepreneur. Unfortunately I’ve had to cancel upcoming impact trips due to the Corona situation. Financially this is going to be challenging. This comes with opportunities too. More time to create more adventure and impact content for you! I’ve never accepted any payment to write something to keep the authenticity on top. But honestly, it’s hard to get by. To be able to dedicate more time to the impactful stuff, you’re support is much appreciated. Thanks for clicking! 🍀🙃🙌😘