Resources in addition to book Ocean Nomad


A few app suggestions that can be fun and helpful.


  • PredictWind
  • Windy
  • Windfinder


  • SkyGuide -With this app you can scan the sky and learn about the stars and constellations over your head.
  • Pocket – This app allows you to download online blogs and articles to read later.
  • Kindle – A reader app for your Amazon e-books (if you don’t bring an e-reader with you).
  • Memrise – A playful app to learn a language.


Apnea trainer – Train your lungs; useful for getting superpowers!


  • Raymarine – You can connect your phone or tablet with the Raymarine navigation on board to track the stats from wherever you are chillaxing.
  • PredictWind – App for weather forecasting and downloading weather files (one only works with an internet connection)
  • Tides Planner – This will help you figure out how close you can anchor to shore or when you can go for a surf
  • Marine Traffic – Tracks the AIS of boats. Check where your sailing friends are or which boats are around.
  • BlueChart Mobile & Navionics – Navigation apps to which you can contribute content
  • Mindelo Moving Market is a free app where its more easy for sailors to trade used items or even offer services. Help to lower the ecological footprint in the sailing industry.


  • A mindmap app – Visually turn your thoughts into maps, structuring the zillion ideas and concepts you come up with at sea.
  • Evernote – Useful to collect and organize your ideas.
  • VideoShop – Edit your videos on the go.
  • GoPro / Camera App -Transfer photos and videos to your phone or tablet.


    • CleanSwell – Contribute to the largest research on marine debris. Record each item of trash you collect in the harbour, at sea, and on the beach.
    • Marine Debris Tracker – Report where you find what marine debris anywhere in the world.

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