Resources in addition to book Ocean Nomad


A few books that I love and recommend

Ocean & sailing Books

Adventure books

Health and Help Books

Other reading

  • Download an online course from online learning platforms like UdemyCoursera, and FutureLearn.
  • A good read on stars, meteorology, ocean wildlife, the Caribbean or Europe will surely trigger your interest when on board.
  • Download articles you come across the weeks before and read them offline while at sea. A good app for that is ‘Pocket.’
  • Sail Cruising Books

Boat hitch hike Stories

More Atlantic Ocean adventure inspiration. These are blogs of Atlantic hitch-sailors that took the survey:

LokaPonga (Polish) (Spanish) (German) (French)

Blogs of boat hitchhikers:

Be Me Trip (French – Lovely couple that sailed from Europe to Brazil)

Tomas who sailed the Indian Ocean

Lisa & Julia who are travelling the world without a plane

Carmen shares her best tips boathitchhiking from 100 days at sea

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