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Ocean Nomad TV
What is Ocean Nomad TV?

Ocean Nomad TV bring you the best of  Ocean Nomad Life , my (hitch)sail adventures, ocean explorations and discoveries, and the journey from total newbie in sailing a few years ago to building my own boat. With 5-20 minute videos, I aim to encourage, inspire for ocean adventure travel and saving our seas. It’s for the young (by heart) looking to get into a life of sailing and purpose. I capture the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Making videos is A LOT of work. It’s fun but it’s a massive time investment. I believe video is the next big thing to really make impact on a bigger scale. VIPs give me superpowers to create and it comes with bonuses for you:

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  • You’ll help to make the built of a green traditional sailing sloop happen!
  • Eventually a healthier ocean, which I’m doing it all for. 

The big mission
My plan is to build a wooden Carriacou sailing sloop. As green as possible in a combination of old skills and innovative technology. With the mission to make a positive impact for the ocean and the world. Learn more about the boat project .

A Movement
This is the start. Are you in? I envision this sloop to be part of something way bigger than ‘just’ one boat. It’ll be part of movement of reviving the old ways of trading, community living, connecting people to the ocean, and carry out projects for a healthier ocean. A global movement of reviving old skills, sailing cargo, sustain the boatbuilding with education, build more boats than can last for 100s of years. And combine that with new technologies which will help to make a bigger impact for a better planet. Connecting the like-minded people, organize more sailing fleets and events, and connecting people to the ocean and islands. So we can all realize our full potential, care and take action.

I hope you’re as excited as me to get some videos out! If so, I heartily welcome you to the Ocean Nomad VIP – Very Important Pirate – club on Patreon! It means the world to me!!! And it’ll allow me to focus on what really matters, to maximize my full potential which will help you realize your full potential!

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